APV178直播间 178直播篮球nba级APV换向截止阀 APV Sanitary Reversing Valve

APV178直播间 178直播篮球nba级APV换向截止阀 APV Sanitary Reversing Valve

APV178直播间  178直播篮球nba级APV换向截止阀  APV Sanitary Reversing Valve





尺寸从DN25/1“到DN100/4"   标准为常闭型阀门(NC)

通过简单的改变气动执行器的活塞,阀门就可以转变成常开型(NO) 根据3A 标准178直播篮球nba设计  360度可调节外部结构  开启的窗口用于观看检查轴密封情况通过松开卡箍,就可以简单的拆卸内部部件    焊接式连接口(毫米或英寸)

材质 和物料接触部分: AISI 316L、AISI 304           其他部分为不锈钢: AISI 304

密封圈:EPDM 根据FDA 177.2600   内表面处理: Ra 0.8μm       外表面处理: 喷砂、抛光

选项  垫圈:FPM(氟橡胶),符合FDA 177.2600


双作用气动执行器       “双阻止"执行器   外置传感器    蒸汽消毒(如果轴需要杀菌)

C-TOP控制单元         表面处理: Ra 0.5μm              手动操作


规格:DN25-DN100         DN1"-DN4"

工作温度:-10℃到+ 120℃(EPDM)


+140 (SIP 30min)


最大工作压力: 10 bar         145 PSI

压缩空气压力: 6-8 bar       87-116 PSI

气源连接: G1/8" (BSP)  

APV Sanitary Reversing Valve                                  

Applications The divert seat, valve is a kind of hygienicsingle-seat valve pneumatically ,which is applied to a wide range ofapplication in the food-processing industry, beverage production.pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries.

Operating principle Seatvalves are operated automatically by a single-acting or a

double-actingpneumatic actuator. By supplying compressed air,the shaft is moved to place the valve in the "open" or”closed”position.

The180°rotation of the pneumatic cylinder of single-actingactuators allows to have a normally open or normally closed valve.

Design and features  Compact androbust design. 3A certified valve.

Availablesizes: from DN 25/1" to DN 100/4".

Normally closed valve (NC) in the standard version.

Thevalve can be changed to normally open (NO) by simply reversing the position ofthe pneumatic actuator.     Hygienicdesign according to 3A standards.    360°adjustable body.           Openlantern allows visual inspection of shaft sealing.    Easy assembly/disassembly of internal parts byloosening a clamp fastener.

Standardweld connections (mm or inches).

Materials Parts in contact With the product:AlSl 316L、AlSl 304

Otherparts in sainless steel: AlSl 304        Gasket:EPDM according to FDA 177.2600

lnternalsurface finish: Ra 0.8μm            External surface finish: bright polish

Technical specifications Availablesizes:DN25-DN100 DN1“-DN4”

Workingtemperature:-10℃to+120℃(EPDM) 14°F to 248°F

+140℃(SlP,max.30 min) 284°F         Max.working pressure: 10bar     145 PSl

Compressedair pressure:6-8bar       87-116PSl              Air connecitons :G1/8” (BSP)

OptionsGaskets: FPM (Viton (R)) in compliance with FDA 177.2600

Connections:DIN, Clamp, SMS, RJT, FlL-lDF, etc.           Double-acting pneumatic actuator.

"Twin-Stop"actuator.    External position sensors.     Steam barrier (if shaft sterilisation isrequired).       Jacketed body.       C-TOP control unit.         Surface finish: Ra0.5μm   Manual actuation.     Materialand roughness certificates.